The El Niño-induced drought experienced throughout 2016 affected 1.4 million people in Angola, particularly in the southern provinces.?According to INFORM, the risk of humanitarian crisis and disaster is medium, at 4.9/10. The greatest concern is lack of coping capacity, at 7/10.? 

On 24 May Acaps changed the status of the crisis in Angola to No Severity, as its compounding factors were found more related to long-term development issues than acute humanitarian ones. The country is being monitored on a weekly basis and will be updated following any major developments.

Key priorities

Food is a priority due to severe drought throughout 2016.? 

Health is a concern, especially waterborne diseases.?

Nutrition is of concern, particularly for Cunene and Cuando Cubango province’s with SAM rates at 3.6% ?

Key documents

Riasco Plan Southern Africa 2016-2017


Riasco Plan Southern Africa 2016-2017