Ongoing political, human rights and socio-economic developments in Venezuela have led to the outflow of more than three million Venezuelans since 2015.?Argentina hosts an estimated 130,000 Venezuelan refugees and migrants.?85% of Venezuelans in Argentina are in Buenos Aires, where access to adequate and affordable housing is limited.?While Argentina has declared the influx a national emergency, the country remains welcoming to Venezuelans, helping relocate them to various parts of the country and matching them with jobs.?

Previously 80% of Venezuelans entered Argentina through airports, now up to 50% enter through land, mainly the frontier in Jujuy and Foz Iguazu. 78% of Venezuelans entering the country had undergraduate levels of education, however most new arrivals now do not have studies or previous employment.?

Venezuelan refugees and migrants entering Argentina via Brazil have nutritional needs, and most have almost no money to cover their basic needs. 60% of Venezuelan refugees and migrants in Argentina have reported to require an income not only to meet their basic needs, but also to support their families in Venezuela with remittances.?Compounding the issue is a worsening economic situation in Argentina, where the Argentine peso continues to lose value against the US dollar.?

INFORM measures Argentina's risk of humanitarian crisis and disaster to be low, at 2.6. Vulnerability is measured at 2.1.?

Latest Developments

No recent significant humanitarian developments. This country is being monitored by our analysis team.

Key figures

  • 130,000 (est.) Venezuelan refugees and migrants in Argentina  [?]
  • 110,500 (est.) Venezuelan refugees and migrants in Buenos Aires  [?]

Key priorities

Food and Nutrition: Refugees and migrants from Venezuela entering Argentina through the border with Brazil have nutritional needs.?

Shelter and health: Main needs are shelter and access to health services.?

Protection: There is a need for restoring family links for Venezuelan refugees and migrants.?

Information Gaps and needs

The number of Venezuelans in Argentina is unknown and could be significantly higher than estimates.

More reliable data on protection needs and profiles, socio-economic situations, reasons for leaving the country, and vulnerabilities would be beneficial.

No official information available on separated or unaccompanied children, children left behind in Venezuela by migrant parents, or about children who may need international protection.