Jordan currently hosts around 760,360 registered asylum-seekers and refugees.?The majority are Syrians, with 673,193 registered persons, although the figure could be over 1.3 million if unregistered individuals are included.?

Most Syrian refugees in Jordan live in urban areas and in poverty - 85% live below the poverty line.?48% of Syrian refugees are children and 4% are elderly.?Child labour and violence and early marriage are particular concerns. Syrian refugees living outside of camps spend more than two-thirds of their monthly household budget on shelter, leaving little resources for food, health or education.? In 2018, Jordan cancelled subsidised services for people living outside the refugee camps.?

The 45,000 to 55,000 Syrian refugees are stranded in the desert between Syria and Jordan, an area known as ''the Berm''.?The humanitarian situation in Rukban camp in the area, where there are around 11,700 shelters, is critical.?Humanitarian access is severely restricted - aid deliveries have repeatedly failed or been postponed.?People face access constraints and medical supply shortages, and children in the camp have suffered respiratory tract infections, diarrhoea and hepatitis A outbreaks.?There are continuing reports of children dying due to poor sanitary conditions and a lack of healthcare.?

INFORM measures Jordan's risk of humanitarian crisis and disaster to be medium, at 4.2/10. Vulnerability is measured at 6.1/10.?

Latest Developments

No recent significant humanitarian developments. This country is being monitored by our analysis team.

Key figures

  • 751,800 registered asylum seekers and refugees  [?]
  • 666,600 registered Syrian asylum seekers and refugees  [?]
  • 85 % of Syrian refugees live below the poverty line  [?]

Key priorities

Livelihoods: Government restrictions are limiting the access of refugees to the labour market.

Shelter: Refugees living outside of camps spend a large portion of their income on expensive, unsafe accommodation.

Health: As subsidies for Syrian refugees living outside camps are cancelled, healthcare becomes increasingly unaffordable for a majority of refugees.

Key documents



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