Seychelles is a Small Island Developing State (SIDS) southeast of mainland Eastern Africa, with a population of 95,843 people.? Seychelles is vulnerable to natural disasters. The country was hit in December 2004 by the Asian Tsunami, which caused significant structural damage. The event exposed the country’s lack of disaster preparedness, leading to efforts to improve local capacity to prevent, prepare for, and manage disasters.? In 2013, Tropical Storm Felleng brought heavy rainfall, which led to severe flooding and landslides, affecting at least 3,800 people (1,000 families) and displacing some 930 people (246 families).?Damages and losses caused exceeded $8.4 million. In April 2016, Tropical Cyclone Fantala passed near the Seychelles’ Farquhar Group, causing widespread damage to nearly all buildings and significantly impacting communities and livelihoods in the archipelago.? 

For 2019, INFORM rated the risk of humanitarian crisis for Seyhelles as low, at 2.1/10.?