South Africa is located in a region prone to drought.  South Africa’s agricultural sector was affected by drought in 2018, with projected losses of some $495 million. In 2014, Western Cape Province experienced the worst drought in 400 years.? 

There are some 89,259 refugees and 186,003 asylum-seekers living in South Africa as of mid-2018.? 

For 2019, INFORM rated South Africa’s risk of humanitarian crisis as medium, at 4.7/10.?

Latest Developments

25/04: Heavy rainfall over the past few days in Durban and the wider KwaZulu-Natal province has caused flooding and landslides and at least 60 people have been killed. Dozens have been reported injured, and buildings have collapsed, roads have flooded and the electricity supply has been damaged. 1,000 people have also been displaced. Search and rescue operations are ongoing. Over the next 24 hours, heavy rain is forecast over affected parts of the KwaZulu-Natal and northern areas of the Eastern Cape Province. Flood warnings are in place over eastern and south-eastern areas of the country.?