Togo is a country in Western Africa with a population of 7,797,694.? Togo currently hosts 12,509 refugees and 335 asylum seekers. Most refugees come from Ghana (77.8%), and Cote D’Ivoire (13%).? Ghanaian refugees have arrived in northern Togo during several influxes, in 1982-1994 and 2010-14. In June 2018, another group of about 1,800 Ghanaian fled into northern Togo. However, they have never been officially recognized as such by Togolese authorities. The lack of legal status puts them at risk of statelessness.? Meanwhile, some 3,431 refugees from Togo live in Ghana.? 

In January 2019, Tchaoudjo health district (Central region) reported a probable case of Lassa fever involving a female who died while returning to Togo from Nigeria. In total, two cases (1 confirmed and 1 probable) were reported as of 14 January.?

For 2019, INFORM rated Togo's risk of humanitarian crisis as medium, at 4.4/10.? 


Latest Developments

02/04: A meningitis outbreak in Kpendjal district, northern Togo, has been ongoing since 21 January, with up to 147 cases and 6 deaths (CFR 4.1%). The majority of reported cases are children aged 5 – 14 years. The country last reported a meningitis outbreak in 2017 which resulted in 496 cases and 34 deaths (CFR 6.9%). The government has started a vaccination campaign in response to the increase in reported cases.?