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GCSI April 2019 dataset

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Humanitarian Access Methodology Note

This technical brief details ACAPS method of assessing humanitarian access on a global level. The primary objective of ACAPS analysis of humanitarian access is to inform humanitarian decision makers by presenting a summary of the access situation in different countries that face humanitarian crises, both recent and protracted. ACAPS approach to measuring the level of access is most applicable to international organisations including INGOS and UN agencies.

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Weekly Prioritisation: Methodology Brief

Each week, ACAPS monitors some 150 countries and priorities humanitarian crisis situations across the globe. This brief provides details of the methodology underpinning this process.

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Humanitarian Needs Assessment - The Good Enough Guide

Needs assessment is essential for programme planning, monitoring and evaluation, and accountability, however needs assessment is still a critical weakness of humanitarian response. Organizations urgently need to improve how they do assessments. ACAPS and the Emergency Capacity Building Project (ECB) have produced this guide to fill the gap that existed for a practical resource that pulls together the main lessons learned from various humanitarian initiatives and experiences. 

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