Rwanda: Refugee Influx from Burundi
Created: 07/04/2016 +


Civil unrest erupted in Burundi following the announcement on 26 April that Burundian President Nkurunziza, would be seeking a third term in power. Situation in Burundi is of concern

Refugees started arriving in Rwanda in mid-April 2015, at around 200–300 per day. After the announcement, the rate increased to 3,000 per day, with 20,400 refugees arrived in Rwanda as of 26 April. This can be considered as preventive measures taken by fleeing population.

Reception centres in Bugesera and Nyanza districts are overwhelmed. The Rwandan Government and UNHCR plans to relocate 16,000 refugees to Mahama refugee camp, Kirehe district, by 1 May.