Ukraine: Multi-Sector Needs Assessment, Annexes
Created: 07/04/2016 +


The MSNA is a multi-organisation, multi-sector humanitarian needs assessment in five oblasts of Eastern Ukraine affected by the current crisis. The assessment was initiated by the NGO Forum in Ukraine.

The assessment was a collaboration of humanitarian actors in Ukraine, led by the steering committee of the NGO Forum. Field assessment teams (enumerators) and resources were provided by participating NGOs. Contributions to secondary information and joint analysis of findings were made by the broader humanitarian community in Ukraine, including the clusters. Data collected by the HSM was made available by OCHA and merged with the KI data, collected by the MSNA. The assessment process was facilitated by needs assessment experts from ACAPS.

The aim, as identified by NGO stakeholders in early 2015, is to update knowledge on the condition and status of the population in order to prioritise interventions. Limited information was available that gave a consolidated overview of the situation across the affected area. For the NGO community, it was also important to design an assessment approach that gave voice to people directly impacted by the crisis.

Currently the HSM is the primary multi-sectoral assessment conducted in Eastern Ukraine1 . It is an inter-sectoral joint needs assessment mechanism coordinated by OCHA. The KI data presented here is a combination of the HSM Round 5 data (collected through the usual HSM mechanism) and data collected by the MSNA teams. All data were collected during late February and early March 2015.